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Jessie's Koolibah


The breeding stallion that stamps his foals in a uniform manner with highly desirable traits is said to be prepotent.

Prepotent stallions out of the past like King P-234 and Three Bars, have done their part to improve the Quarter Horse breed in the United States and overseas.

For the past twenty years Jessie's Koolibah has sired approximately one hundred and fifty foals that carry their sire's prepotent trademarks - great head, great hips, great bone, straight legs and high intelligence. Koolibah foals have excelled in every field of horse activity, including Cutting, Reining, Campdrafting, Rodeo timed events and Halter classes.

During his own long and distinguished show career, Koolibah has won championships in every area of performance and halter events. In recognition of his achievements, Koolibah has received many awards from both the Australian Quarter Horse Association and the National Cutting Horse Association including the following: ROM Halter, ROM Performance, ROM Cutting, Special Certificate of Ability Cutting, Certificate of Merit Cutting and Superior Cutting Horse Award.

Koolibah was sired by the famous National Cutting Horse Hall of Fame Champion, Mr Jessie James (imp) and he is out of the famous top producing Ponderosa Quarter Horse Stud broodmare, Kool Dell by Clover Koolibah, who was by the legendary Clarence Robinson (imp) from the Clover Leaf Quarter Horse Stud. All great stallions have great mothers and Koolibah had a great mother.


Vale Jessies Koolibah Q-3075

On November 24th 2007, Jessies Koolibah Q-3075 was humanely put down at his birthplace, The Ponderosa Quarter Horse Stud, located near Monto in Queensland.

During his twenty-nine years, Jessies Koolibah received numerous awards, including AQHA ROM Halter, ROM Performance, Superior Halter and Superior Cutting. Jessies Koolibah NCHA awards included Certificate of Achievment, Certificate of Merit and Superior Cutting Horse Awards.

Sired by Mr Jessies James (imp) and out of the outstanding Ponderosa broodmare, Kool Dell Q-1496, by Clover Koolibah Q-204, Jessies Koolibah went on to sire more than two hundred foals including Kool Jim, Koolibahs Playgirl, Jessies Cutter Beau and Junior Jessie. Foals carrying Jessies Koolibah bloodlines in the second generation include well known performance horses, Little Peppy Koolibah and Jessies Recall.

Purchased by Reining Horse Trainer John and Rose Wicks at age eighteen, Jessies Koolibah was retrained as a reining horse and subsequently won the New South Wales Champion Open and Open non-pro events.

Returning to his birthplace, the Ponderosa Quarter Horse Stud in 2002, Jessies Koolibah went on to sire many foals during his final breeding seasons at Ponderosa.

Crossed on outstanding Ponderosa mares Jessies Koolibah left a significant legacy at Ponderosa, including sons, Hobby Horse, Shanghai Pierce, Howlin Wolf and daughters She's Smokin, She Kitty, Too Red, Love Letters, Silver Coin, Burnt Spur, Faded Love, Storm Cat, Yellow Rose of Texas, That Will be the Day, Runnin Scared, Miss Saigon, Satinna, Fadaway, Last Dance and many others.

"I never saw King, but you would have to go a long way to find another bloodline that produced more top performing horses. I believe it's safe to say King P-234 produced the greatest line of performance in the world" (Don Dodge, Scottsdale Arizona, 1972)

Jessies Koolibah Q-3075 was a double bred, proven King P-234 bred stallion. Koolibahs remarkable genetics will be carried on well into this century through his sons and daughters bred at the Ponderosa Quarter Horse Stud.

Jessies Koolibah was laid to rest in a grove of trees along Spring Creek, located on the Ponderosa property, Monto, Queensland by his breeder and friend of a lifetime, Chilla Seeney.